Ethyl ((1R,3aR,4aR,6R,8aR,9S,9aS)-9-formyl-1-methyl-3-oxododecahydronaphtho[2,3-c]furan-6-yl)carbamate

Ethyl ((1R,3aR,4aR,6R,8aR,9S,9aS)-9-formyl-1-methyl-3-oxododecahydronaphtho[2,3-c]furan-6-yl)carbamate

Intermediate for Vorapaxar. Vorapaxar (trade name: Zontivity) is a thrombin receptor (protease-activated receptor, PAR-1) antagonist. Vorapaxar is a new anti-platelet drug that and is used for persons with a history of myocardial infarction (heart attack) or persons with peripheral arterial disease. Vorapaxar has been approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration on May 5, 2014.


Product Name:                  Ethyl ((1R,3aR,4aR,6R,8aR,9S,9aS)-9-formyl-1-methyl-3-oxododecahydronaphtho[2,3-c]furan-6-yl)carbamate

Synonyms:                         N/A

CAS Number:                     900180-06-5

Molecular Weight:            323.3882

Molecular Formula:          C17H25NO5

Purity (HPLC):                     ≥95%

Shipping Conditions:         Room temperature.

Storage Conditions:           Refrigerated.

Regulatory Statement:      For Research Use Only.

SMILES:                               [H][C@]12[C@@](C[C@](C(O[C@@H]3C)=O)([H])[C@]3([H])[C@H]2C=O)([H])C[C@H](NC(OCC)=O)CC1

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