Intermediate for Lesinurad. Lesinurad (trade name Zurampic) is a urate transporter (URAT1) inhibitor for treating hyperuricemia associated with gout. It received FDA approval on 22 December 2015. Lesinurad has been approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration on 22 December 2015.


Product Name:                  1-Cyclopropyl-4-nitronaphthalene

Synonyms:                         N/A

CAS Number:                     878671-93-3

Molecular Weight:            213.2354

Molecular Formula:          C13H11NO2

Purity (HPLC):                     ≥95%

Shipping Conditions:         Room temperature.

Storage Conditions:           Refrigerated.

Regulatory Statement:      For Research Use Only.

SMILES:                               [O-][N+](=O)c1ccc(c2c1cccc2)C1CC1

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