Fluorescent Labeled Peptides

Fluorescent labeled peptides are powerful tools for the investigation of biological relevant interactions like receptor-ligand binding, protein structures, and enzyme activity.  

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Substance P - FAM labeled

A fluorecent (FAM)-labeled Substance P, Abs/Em = 494/521 nm.  Specifications Pro..


Synapsin I (3 - 13) - (5-FAM) labeled

This peptide is a FAM labeled substrate (Abs/Em = 494/521 nm) for calcium/calmodulin-dependent prote..


TAT (47-57) - FITC LC labeled

This fluorescent (FITC)-labeled TAT peptide contains a long chain (LC) to prevent FITC from degradat..


Tyrosine Kinase Peptide 1 - (5-FAM) labeled

Peptide sequence KVEKIGEGTYGVVYK is derived from the amino acid residues CDC26-20. It is considered ..


VIP (human, porcine, rat) - FAM labeled

This is a fluorescent (FAM)-labeled VIP, Abs/Em=492/518 nm.  Specifications Prod..


[pSer5] Kemptide - (5-TAMRA) labeled

Specifications Product Name: [pSer5] Kemptide - (5-TAMRA) labeled ..