Fluorescent Labeled Peptides

Fluorescent labeled peptides are powerful tools for the investigation of biological relevant interactions like receptor-ligand binding, protein structures, and enzyme activity.  

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CREBtide - (5-FAM) labeled

CREBtide (60510-1) is a synthetic substrate for PKA (Km = 3.9 µM). This peptide is based on the phos..


CSK tide - (5-FAM) labeled

This is a FAM labeled (Abs/Em=492/518 nm) phosphorylated peptide substrate for PP1 and PP2A phosphat..


EGF Protein Tyrosine Kinase Substrate - (5-FAM) labeled

These peptides are potential substrates for EGFR protein tyrosine kinases. The fluorescent and bioti..


EGF Receptor Substrate 2 - (5-FAM) labeled

The unlabeled phosphopeptide is an excellent substrate for mammalian protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B..


EMP 17 - FITC LC labeled

This is a fluorescent (FITC)-labeled Erythropoietin (EPO)-mimetic peptide (EMP17), Abs/Em=494/520 nm..


ERK 1/2 /MAP Kinase Substrate - (5-FAM) labeled

This is a mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase substrate, also designated as peptide 4. This pepti..


Erktide - (5-FAM) labeled

This is a FAM-labeled Erktide peptide (Ab/Em = 494/521 nm). Erktide is a peptide substrate for ERK2 ..


Exendin 4 - FAM labeled

This is a fluorescent (FAM)-labeled Exendin 4, Abs/Em = 494/519 nm.  Specifications ..


Galanin (human) - FAM labeled

This is a fluorescent (FAM)-labeled Galanin peptide, Abs/Em=494/521 nm.  Specifications ..


Galanin Lys (Biotin)(human) - FAM labeled

This is a N-terminus fluorescent (FAM)-labeled and C-terminus biotinylated Galanin peptide, Abs/Em=4..


Gastrin derived peptide - (5-FAM) labeled

A FAM-labeled Gastrin derived peptide (Ab/Em = 494/521 nm). Gastrin derived peptide is a novel media..


Glucagon (1 - 29)(bovine, human, porcine) - FAM labeled

This is a fluorescent (FAM)-labeled Glucagon peptide, Abs/Em=494/521 nm.  Specifications ..


Glucagon Like Peptide 1 (GLP-1, amide, human) - FAM labeled

This is a fluorescent (FAM)-labeled Glucagon-like peptide, Abs/Em=494/521 nm.  Specification..


Glycogen Synthase derived peptide - (5-TAMRA) labeled

This is a FAM labeled Glycogen Synthase-derived peptide (Ab/Em = 544/574 nm). Glycogen Synthase-deri..


Histone H1 derived Peptide - (5-FAM) labeled

This is a FAM-labeled Histone H1-derived peptide (Ab/Em = 494/521 nm). Histone H1-derived peptide ph..