• Cy7 SE, disulfo

Cyanine 7 (Cy7) dyes are widely used for labeling peptides, proteins and oligos etc. Cy7 dye conjugates are one type of the most common near infrared red fluorophores used in in vivo imaging applications. Cy7 SE, disulfo readily reacts with amino groups.


Product Name:      

Cy7 SE, disulfo


Cy7 NHS ester, disulfo

CAS Number:


Molecular Weight:


Molecular Formula:


Excitation (nm):


Emission (nm):



DMSO, DMF, Water

Purity (HPLC):

≥ 95%

Shipping Conditions:

Ambient temperature

Storage Conditions:

-20°C desiccated and protected from light.

Regulatory Statement:

For Research Use Only. 

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Cy7 SE, disulfo

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